Sometimes rewrites are necessary… and fun!

Okay, so I know I said in a previous blog how important it was for me to keep making forward progress on the novel rather than going back and revising, but I violated that this week: Instead of submitting a new chapter to Writers In Training this week, I am submitting a rewrite of the last one.

Writers In Training was not happy with me when I informed them of this. I’m into climactic action scenes and Ian in particular was pretty grumped about having to wait longer to find out how this situation resolves. Still, there were many concerns about things not making sense or seeming too coincidental in the draft I presented to them of the last chapter that seemed like they could be resolved by using a different character’s perspective than the one I picked for that scene. Or rather, the one I picked to show to the writer’s group.

I have written that same scene now from the perspective of three other characters. Each perspective provides some unique information, but after hearing from my writer’s group it seems like getting the perspective from the villainess’s perspective is crucial.

This is such an important part of the story that I feel it is extremely important to make sure that I am doing the reveals right for this section before I move on.  I felt I had to get this right before I moved onto the next because everything else depends on the action in this chapter.  I wrote it from her perspective. She is deeply visual, intense, and has more poetry in her soul than any of the other characters I have written the scene from. I wrote up to the point where the action scene was just about to start….

Then my mean streak kicked in, realizing that it was the perfect place to end the chapter. It is much earlier than I ended the chapter last time. I don’t think it is possible for a reader to get to the last sentence and not immediately turn the next page to keep going. I’ve heard it said by scriptwriters that the true mastery of writing is when you can control your audience’s breath, knowing when it will speed up and when it will slow down. That is how I feel about these chapters. I feel like I know how intense it will be for the reader, things that will cause people to inhale sharply, or even pause. I find myself giddy at the thought of Ian’s reaction will get when he reads to the end of my next submission and realizes he is even farther away from knowing the resolution of this scene than he was last week.

Mwoohahahaha! I wonder if every writer has that kind of mean streak. I know for sure that Sharon Lee and Nikki Pill do, but would love to hear from others.

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