A writer’s dreams

I used to get those nightmares that I was late to class, couldn’t find my classroom or was unprepared for class. Oddly, I got them with more frequency after I had graduated from school.

I recently had a nightmare that I was unprepared for my writer’s group. I hadn’t read the other people’s submissions and somehow didn’t realize it until I was there. I wonder how many other writers get nightmares involving writing.

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  1. H. R. Ryder
    H. R. Ryder
    March 2, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    So far, all the stories you have read from me are based off of dreams. I just have a lot of work to turn them from disjointed dreamspace into something more realistic. Like in “Tales from a dead man” where I had to take the part with the gods possessing people having a quidditch match in the middle of a shopping mall.

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