H. R. Ryder


I’ve wanted to be a writer since grade school, but followed the standard advice given to new writers of ‘Keep your day job.’ I decided that my day job should be psychology. After all, understanding the secrets of the human mind seemed complementary to the desire to write realistic characters.  When the man on the street has a sign saying “Meat, eggs and dairy hold the spells in,” I am the one who walks up to ask more.  My day job took over for many years as I worked on my doctorate in psychology, but now I am back to writing with a vengeance. My preferred genres are supernatural, science fiction and fantasy. One of my strengths is building characters with mental illness.

In addition to my writing, I also have edited a variety of genres from scientific papers to smut. I teach non-fiction writing at the university level.


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  1. Ian
    March 11, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Real mythologies combine a seemingly uncontrivable mix of simplicity and richness. The action of H.R.’s novels happens in the foreground of mythologies of exactly this kind, elegant and nightmarish systems of lore that she’s come up with by reading everything under the sun and exercising her unique imagination. When she throws a pinch of Philipino folklore and a dash of Celtic myth and a dose of pagan theology into a bottle and shakes it up…Watch out! It pops like champagne, but it intoxicates like something stronger.

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