If I were a tree, I would tell the story of my dangling leaves, of their love manifesto in the sundry shades of ochers at the summer’s end, of their soundless goodbyes until the very last one of them free-falls from my naked limbs.  I would recount the heart-wrenching tale of their noble sacrifice so that I could live.

If I were a wave, I would pen the adventure of my ride over the ocean depths, of the conversation with the exuberant gales of wind pushing at my back.  I would describe the sensation in my belly, pregnant with sea life, and of my romping death by the caress of the sands.

If a bird I were – any bird at all – I would reveal the secrets of the whispering wind, and passionately articulate, the best way I could, the sense of freedom as my wings cut the airstream.

I write because I have to.  Imagination nurtures me, and expression… well expression is what I am.

Genre I write or read:  fantasy, sci-fiction, mysteries, and good literary fiction from time to time for a semblance of balance.

Perceived skills (whether I have them or not):  creativity, curiousity, analytical, plot building, fluent in Spanish.

Things I enjoy – in no particular order:  healing essential oils, ballroom dancing, animals and quirky people.


2 comments for “Nieves

  1. Ian
    March 11, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Nieves is a Borges fan, so she’s probably read “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” the story in which a committee of anonymous intellectuals composes a set of encyclopedias that fully describes a fictional world. The narrator of the story discounts the possibility that a single person working in solitude could have carried out such an immense labor. O ye of little faith! Meet Nieves: she’s done it. Try quizzing her about any aspect of her world – you’ll find no leaf undrawn. And she takes all of that back story, that immense invention with the weight and contours of a world, and makes it move with the light-fingered grace of a magician juggling tennis balls.

  2. H. R. Ryder
    H. R. Ryder
    February 1, 2014 at 9:44 am

    Nieves is a detailed worldbuilder. She doesn’t just know about the lives of her characters. She knows her universe from the time the stars were born to the birth of civilizations, and the changes in both civilization and ecology all the way through to the time the planets will die. When I ask a question based on her stories, she always has the answer in more detail than an encyclopedia entry. I am astounded at detail of her worlds, and in her memory of them. She also has some unique life experience that really add to the critiques in our writer’s group.

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